About Us


Hi I'm Jill, sparkly earring lover & owner of Jillari Studio. 

My love for creating jewellery started about 15 years ago! Back then I was using mainly beads & crystals and absolutely loved creating beautiful pieces for family & friends. Due to a life change & a move interstate I unfortunately lost touch with my creative side. 

Fast forward to late 2018 when my sister invited me to a class to make a resin topped side table. I absolutely loved being able to create again & using resin really got my interest. I did a little research about it but life was busy & I didn't find the time....

In early 2020 just as Covid 19 was hitting Australia I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I spent the rest of that year under going treatment (surgery & 16 rounds of intense chemotherapy). During my recovery I had some time to reflect on what is important to me & what changes I would make going forward. One of those things was having a creative outlet again.

I researched & learn't as much as I could about working with resin, practiced alot & the rest is as they say...history! My love for working with resin has completely taken over and I look forward to sharing my creations with you all.

I pride myself on customer service & offering you top quality products. Please feel free to reach out & contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you so much for your support x

Photo: Rachel Kimberley Photography

 Proudly Australian Owned & Operated